Matters needing attention

Semiconductor cooler is input DC power supply, must be equipped with special power supply.
1. DC power supply. The advantage of DC power supply is that it can be used directly without conversion. The disadvantage is that the voltage and current must be suitable for semiconductor coolers. Some of them can be solved by series or parallel connection of semiconductor coolers.
2. AC current. This is a common power supply, which must be rectified to DC for use by the cooler. Since the refrigeration device is a low voltage and high current device, it is necessary to reduce the voltage, rectify and filter before application, and some of them need to add temperature measurement, temperature control and current control for convenience.
3. Because the semiconductor cooler is supplied by DC power supply, the ripple coefficient of power supply must be less than 10%, otherwise it will have great influence on the cooling effect.
4. The working voltage and current of the semiconductor cooler must meet the requirements of the working device. For example, for the device of model tec1-12706, 127 is the refrigeration device, the couple number of PN, the working limit voltage of the refrigerator v = the couple number × 0.11, and 06 is the allowable large current value.
5. The power on must be carried out when both ends of the cooler return to room temperature (generally more than 5 minutes), otherwise the circuit of the cooler will be damaged and the ceramic chip will be broken.
6. The electronic circuits of semiconductor cooler power supply are common and common, which can be found in general electronic technology reference books.