Quality assurance

 1. High reliability and long life
The cooling material of thermoelectric refrigeration module produced by aoling cold film company is connected with copper conductor through two layers of ceramics, which can effectively avoid the diffusion of copper and other harmful elements, and make the refrigeration components have longer service life. In addition, each piece of refrigeration component must be strictly tested and screened by advanced testing equipment to ensure its high quality. The lifetime of the thermoelectric refrigeration module of aoling cold film company is up to 100000 hours, and can withstand frequent forward and reverse electric shocks.
2. It can work under high temperature
A series of new welding materials are used in the refrigeration components of aoling cold film company, which is different from the low melting point welding materials used by other domestic manufacturers. The working temperature of these welding materials can reach 135 ℃, 230 ℃, which is far higher than the standard of 70 ℃ stipulated by the electronic industry department. Moreover, aoling cold film company is striving to improve and expand the performance and application range of refrigeration components.
3. Perfect moisture-proof treatment process is adopted for cooling components
Each cooling module should be treated with vacuum moisture-proof material and coated with silicone rubber, which can effectively prevent water and moisture from entering into the cooling module.
The quality and reliability of the products have been paid attention to since the design of the electric refrigeration components produced by aoling cold film company. ISO 9001 international quality management system standard is fully implemented to ensure the quality and reliability of electric refrigeration components. According to the assessment of the national professional testing center, the service life of the electric cooling components has reached 100000 hours, and can pass the rigorous electric cooling and heating alternating test. The method is to install the components on a special test bench, and each cycle is powered on for 8 seconds, shutdown for 18 seconds, reverse power on for 8 seconds, and stop for 18 seconds. At the end of 8 seconds, the temperature of the hot surface reaches 115 ℃. A total of 2000 cycles were performed and the test time was 12 hours.