Heat dissipation mode

The heat dissipation of semiconductor cooling chip is a professional technology, and it is also the basis of long-term operation of semiconductor refrigeration chip. Good heat dissipation is the prerequisite for low cold end temperature. The following are several ways of heat dissipation of semiconductor cooler:
1. Natural heat dissipation:
It is easy to use, but its volume is too large.
2. Liquid filled (water cooled) heat dissipation:
The water tank is made of better heat dissipation material, and the temperature is cooled by passing liquid or water. The disadvantages are inconvenient water, waste too much, the advantages of small size, good heat dissipation effect.
3. Forced air cooling
The working atmosphere is flowing air. The material of the radiator is the same as that of the natural radiator. It is easy to use and the volume is smaller than that of natural cooling. The disadvantage is that a fan is added to make noise.
4. Vacuum latent heat dissipation:
Commonly used is the "heat pipe" heat sink, which uses the latent heat of evaporation to quickly transfer heat capacity.
Special reminder: do not install radiator for power on test, otherwise it will cause the cooling plate to burn.